Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disadvantages of Google Instant Search

Google instant search that mean quick search is really useful for peoples to avoid wasting time. Though google is swaying again and again for users search, this is a not a magic work for google because this instant is made by just script. So what are all the issues we are facing with this google instant search.

If I could have a search without this google instant feature I don’t need to think about my personals. Because basic google search never stored cookies in computer before I searched for what am looking for. For instance, open your browser and delete the cookies, history and all. Go to and start type the letter w it will show lot of options as that google instant is structured, don’t need to type anymore letter just open your history it will show as that you have searched for the page which has been shown as a options for you. In this scenario if you are using other party computers to search like office or your friends computers they can see the history which you haven’t searched for.

For example you want to know about sexton ( Church ) you would have start typing the word sex it will store in the browser history with some other unrelated sites as which is having message about sex kinda things. What your network admin report about you to your boss? If your child wants to read about sexton what do you think about your child? It will just happen if you would have supposed to see the history.

So do you feel safe, secure and your personal things never go to others when you are using google instant search? Whether you are using your personal computer or others. Am working as a search engine optimizer in a website designing company Chennai. If I would like to know naukabout 2010 I would have type as nauk to full fill the word or to choose the options google shown me. It will store the data in my office computer as I have searched for naukri, What should possibly happen? Just my boss would have look for other seo person or they hand over the seo process to other search engine optimization company in Chennai. Am sure fun will happen like this because of google instant search.

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